A Kenai River Runs Through It

This coffee river table was a super fun project that had some headaches, learning curves, and more importantly a sense of accomplishment.


This happened to be for a wedding gift for a couple of good friends. I figured since I wanted to learn how to make river tables, this would be the perfect time for it. They love fishing so, I tried to mimic the colored resin to the colors of the Kenai River, a local river here in Alaska. At the local wood shop they had some cotton wood and spruce. Since, I worked with spruce I figured I’d give cotton wood a shot and surprisingly, I loved how the grain turned out, it has a lot of character!

See Detailed Process Below


Type(s) of Wood UsedCotton Wood
Colors UsedBlue and Green Duo Powder Pigment
Special TechniquesPoured Tinted Resin
Hand Buffed Finished
Estimated Time to Complete4-6 weeks
Type of FurnitureCoffee Table

Detailed Process


After, prepping the slab by routing the slab flat, I split the slab of cotton wood length wise down the middle. Flipped the pieces around to where the live edges faced each other. I built a form for the resin pour. I lined it with some bonding tape, so the resin doesn’t harden to the form, which will make it difficult to separate the table from the form. Once, the resin was cured, I re-flattened the whole table top, sanded to 240 grit, then applied Odie’s Oil, which is an awesome all-natural finishing product!

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