Slatted Coffee Table

This was a thank you gift for a friend who helped me with my knee surgery.

This was another project I did that I had free reign to do whatever I want. I forget where I saw this idea, but I wanted to try it out. This was my first project where I had the legs sit flush with the table top. I ran into issues because I wasn’t perfectly square, 90 degrees, with my legs and table top. However, I figured it out.

See Detailed Process Below


Type(s) of Wood UsedDoug Fir
Colors UsedDark Walnut
Special TechniquesPocket Screws
Estimated Time to Complete4-6 weeks
Type of FurnitureCoffee Table

Detailed Process

Just like most of my other projects, I mill up my wood so it becomes square on all sides before assembly. I had some issues when assembling the base to the top. I didn’t have my legs 90 degrees to the table top, which left some gaps when I did final assembly. However, I made some corrections to it by, cutting the base to disassemble it and re-gluing it up and ensuring that everything was 90 degrees. After, everything dry fit (the base to the table top), I did the same finishing techniques (sanding to 220 grit, staining it – Dark Walnut, and using a semi-gloss polyurethane).

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