Floating Nightstand

Floating Mid-Century Modern nightstands.

I needed some nightstands for my bedroom. At first, I was going to build nightstands that sat on the floor and make it into a dresser style nightstand. However, knowing me, I would just shove a bunch of random stuff in there and never use them. I wanted something simple and basically, that could hold my laptop and a little lamp.

See Detailed Process Below


Type(s) of Wood UsedBirch Plywood
Colors UsedDark Walnut
Special Techniquesedge banding, mortise and tenon
Estimated Time to Complete1 week
Type of FurnitureNightstand

Detailed Process

I built this the same way as the Mid-Century Modern coffee table. I attached the floating nightstands using a French cleat system. It makes it very sturdy and an easy way to attach things to a wall.


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