Finger Joint Outdoor Dining Set

This is an eloquent yet, rustic outdoor dining table.

I was asked to do an outdoor dining. They wanted whatever I came up with. I wanted to try some new techniques. so, came up with this design. Mainly, I wanted to do the finger joint benches.

See Detailed Process Below


Type(s) of Wood UsedHemlock and Doug Fir
Colors UsedDark Walnut
Special TechniquesFinger Joints
Estimated Time to Complete6-8 weeks
Type of FurnitureDining Set

Detailed Process


I milled and cut all the wood to their final dimensions. I glued up the table top, set that aside while I worked on gluing up the table legs, so they can have that beefy look to it. Then, I proceeded to the benches.

The benches had 9 layers each. I tackled each layer one by one. The bench top consisted of two different length boards, the full length of the bench and the the entire length minus the width of two legs. The legs also had two different lengths as well. I just laid them out to my liking and started gluing the 3 pieces together and then gluing the next layer together, starting with the bench top piece then adding the two legs. I repeated the process until all 9 layers where one piece. I did the same steps on the 2nd bench.

when the table top was done drying from the glue up. I made an apron for underneath the table top. I incorporated cross section supports into the apron to help support the weight of the table top. Once, that was done I attached that to the under side of the table top, to make one piece.

I connected the two separate table legs with a stretcher for¬†aesthetics and structural strength. Once all separate pieces were ready, I scrapped off any glue, sanded to 220 grit, then stained it with Minwax Dark Walnut. I finished it with a spar urethane, which provides better protection for outdoor use. I assembled the table top and legs at the person’s house.



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