Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

My friend wanted something more minimalistic yet stylish. Mid-Century Modern was the way to go!

This project was my first step away from the “rustic” design. Even though, this project looks simple, it had it’s challenges. The simpler you go the more precise you have to be. Small flaws will get magnified.

See Detailed Process Below


Type(s) of Wood UsedBirch Plywood
Colors UsedMinwax Dark Walnut
Special TechniquesEdge banding, mortise and tenon joinery
Estimated Time to Complete4-6 weeks
Type of FurnitureCoffee Table

Detailed Process


Once, I had the dimensions down for the overall size of the coffee table. I had to take into account the 1/8 inch thickness of the edge banding. Since, this table was pretty big, roughly around 4 feet in length, I needed to have some middle support. I didn’t want to have the middle support go the whole width of the table so, I had it shorter than the side walls to make it appear to be a 4 sided box. I bought angled brackets and short table legs, and stained everything to a dark walnut.

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